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With over 30 years of combined industry experience, Rajan Private Wealth Financial Services strives to provide excellent service as I guide my clients through the phases of investing: wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and wealth distribution.

Ash Rajan, Founder, President, Rajan Private Wealth Financial Services

Ash advises corporate executives, doctors and business owners with their wealth management, wealth protection and wealth transfer needs as it relates to their pre and post retirement years. His academic background combined with thirty plus years as a senior executive at world class investment firms in New York City has prepared him to deliver on an individual or family’s investment needs that include their IRAs, 401ks and brokerage as well as the family’s protection needs including insurance, annuities and long-term care. 

Ash’s thirty plus years on Wall Street, as the former U.S. Chief Investment Strategist for Merrill Lynch was focused on advising prominent families, corporate officers, foundations and non-profits. Prior advice-centric roles in the industry include membership in Prudential Securities Global Investment Policy Committee and Head of IRA Portfolio Construction. Prior to joining Prudential in 1993, Ash was the co-head of Equity Research Strategies Group at Morgan Stanley. 

Ash is a frequent keynote speaker on topics ranging from Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, IRA and 401(k) Rollovers and stock options for private and institutional clients throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. He is a prolific key-note speaker and has spoken at global wealth conferences at the World Economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, New York and Tel Aviv and invited as a delegate to the Investment Councils of His Highness, The King of Morocco, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Senate of the Czech Republic.

His academic background includes three Masters degrees including an MBA in Finance and his engagements include guest lecturing at New York University’s Stern School of Business and at the Faculty Clubs of Harvard, Yale and Princeton.


Mr. Rajan has been a frequent guest on CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC, Canadian Media, Reuters, PBS, TV Tokyo and CNN Hong Kong. 

As a wine enthusiast, his certifications from the Ecole Du Bordeaux Wine School in France enable him to pursue his hobby as a wine writer-educator. Mr. Rajan is an accomplished photographer having published six coffee table books on African Wildlife. He has two children, Alexandra and Julian and lives with his wife Mariette in New Vernon, New Jersey.

Complex markets, that are here to stay, have made me alert and nimble to capture opportunities on the upside and to limit risks on the downside.  My three decades of Wall Street experience enables my commitment to bring clarity to your financial situation. 

Wealth Management in New York

Making a Real Difference in the Lives of Clients

Beyond the building and ongoing monitoring of investments, I stress the importance of a thorough financial planning, retirement planning, wealth transfer and estate planning process alongside the day to day management of your assets. I make sure that over the years, I discuss all the issues that are important to you, such as Social Security, long-term care, longevity-risk management, children’s education, legacy and philanthropy and other life decisions. Life is about living to your fullest. I help you live it.


Making a Difference to your Retirement.

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Rajan Private Wealth Financial Services

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Our Vision

Rajan Private Wealth Financial Services is an experienced source of guidance on various aspects of financial wellness.

My philosophy has informed guidance to my clients through the years in up and down-market cycles:


  • Keep it simple, uncomplicated. Avoid paralysis through redundant analysis.
  • Responsible Concentration is more productive than Random Over-Diversification
  • Turn a ‘List’ of attractive investments into a living, breathing Portfolio
Financial Planning

Our Vision and Philosophy

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Our Investment Process

I have spent a good part of thirty years advising wealthy clients during good times and bad, not so much to ‘make them wealthy’ in up markets but to ‘keep them wealthy’ when the markets are less friendly.


You have successfully navigated accumulating your wealth. Let me guide you on preserving it, growing it, and passing it on to your next generation.


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Our Investment Process & Regimen

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My Signature Advice Model

Detailed Client Discovery

Diagnostics & Gap Analysis

Build Proposal

Ongoing Portfolio & Life-Event Review

  • Meet with you to assemble a detailed client discovery of your assets beyond stocks and bonds, your aspirations, fears, beliefs and causes. Your risk and liquidity budgets. Your philanthropies. Essentially, your personal balance sheet and your legacy.
  • I will conduct extensive diagnostics and gap analysis with the spirit of avoiding and reducing unseen and unwanted risks. An intuitive, easy to read diagnostics report will be generated to navigate findings and fixes, if any.
  • Further customization of our build proposal, be it of your portfolio, your financial or estate plan strategy, your current insurance and Trust footprint will occur as the dialog progresses between me, you and if you merit, your CPA and Attorney.
  • While I am not a tax advisor all elements of my proposal will be sensitive to your tax situation and align with your risk and liquidity preferences.
  • Once all elements of your plan-investments, insurance, retirement, trusts and estate have launched, my monitoring phase begins and with that, my commitment to a quarterly portfolio review and an ongoing review of your life events-retirement, education, asset and business disposition, inheritance, marriage, divorce and mortality and how they shape your financial picture.

Ask yourself these questions. 

“Is this the consultative experience I should be having?”

“Do I see a meaningful and purposeful differential in this advice model?” 


If you answered yes, then Rajan Private Wealth Financial Services, is your trusted advisor.

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Rajan Private Wealth Financial Services

1 Lindsley Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 |T: 973-718-1275   I

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